This week was this way

This week was this way - Thirteen Ways

This week was this way



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Week 117

Left: Study finds children as young as six can be influenced by stereotypes, believing brilliance is a male trait.

Right: Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2017

Week 116

Left: Gavin Turk at the Turkish Tulips exhibition, 29 July – 5 November 2017 at the Bowes Museum

Right: The Clockwork Garden exhibition by The House of Fairytales at the Bowes Museum, 29 July – 5 November 2017.

Photos by Ben Zeng for The House of Fairy Tales

Week 115

Left: Britain to ban sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040

Right: Bacteria from Ovid’s 300-year-old Metamorphoses poetry volume inspires ‘bio-artist’

Week 114

Left: BBC gender pay gap revealed: two-thirds of top earners are men.

Right: Manchester International Festival: New Order and Liam Gillick: So it Goes.