This week was this way

This week was this way - Thirteen Ways

This week was this way


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Week 33


Left: We hope people will discover new species with our open data. The Natural History Museum, London, announces it is digitising and releasing the scientific data of its 80 million specimens for anyone to access.
Right: Theresa May’s revived snooper’s charter will give police and spies access to a year’s worth of your web browsing history. Theresa May’s eye.

Week 32


Left: Life and times – the Barbican celebrates the world of Charles and Ray Eames. Eames House, completed 1949, Los Angeles, photograph by Edward Stojakovic
Right: Winter is upon us as daylight saving time ends, diptych sundial in the form of a lute, circa 1612.

Week 31

This Week_20Oct

Top: Protest against human trafficking planned for 27 London boroughs. A21 Campaign (Aboloshing Injustice in the 21st century) protestors with taped mouths in silent protest in Pall Mall.
Bottom: Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in UK. Tree series under construction at the Royal Academy, Ai WeiWei, London, 2015

Week 30

This Week_15Oct

Top: Suffragette directed by Sarah Gavron is in cinemas now. Members of the Women’s Social and Political Union, Annie Kenney and Christabel Pankhurst hold a Votes for Women banner circa 1908
Bottom: Frieze opens in a changing London. Cocktail Party by Tom Friedman at the Stephen Friedman Gallery, Frieze 2015