This week was this way

This week was this way - Thirteen Ways

This week was this way



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Week 12

This Week_01June

Top: Chasing Hammer, Linda Brothwell, 2015 from Build Your Own Exhibition, co-curated by Thirteen Ways
Bottom: Macy’s store window, San Francisco, 2008

Week 11

This week_25May

Left: A Bouquet of Flowers, Anonymous, 1680
Right: Joseph Blatter, departing president of FIFA, 2007

Week 10

This Week_19May

Left: B.B. King performs live in Hamburg in 1971
Right: Closed ticket desks at London Bridge underground station, 2015

Week 9

This Week_18May

Top: Picasso’s Women of Algiers, 1955
Bottom: Red ‘power-tie’