This week was this way

This week was this way - Thirteen Ways

This week was this way


Selected projects


Week 25

This Week_02Sept15

Left: Notting Hill Carnival Family Day Parade
Right: Dismaland Bemusement Park, Weston-super-Mare

Week 24


Top: Tate ‘sensorium’ explores whether taste, touch, smell and sound change the way people experience art; Diagram of a cocoa bean
Bottom: Chinese stock market meltdown; Beijing at night

Week 23

This Week_19August

Left: Russian police bust international cheese smuggling gang who bootlegged £20 million pounds of banned western cheese into Russia. Still Life with Cheese 1615.
Right: Laibach are the first rock band to perform in North Korea in a concert to mark the 70th anniversary of liberation from Japanese control. Photograph by Thomas Stegh

Week 22


Top: Frontispiece for Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Tragedy, Folger Shakespeare Library
Bottom: Black Lives Matter demonstration. Photograph by All-Nite Images