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This week was this way


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Week 38


Top: Britain unites in rejection of Leytonstone tube attacker, service information board on the London Underground
Bottom: Assemble win the Turner prize, Assemble and Will Shannon’s Granby Workshop project at Build Your Own exhibition, Norwich, co-curated by Thirteen Ways’ Clare Cumberlidge

Week 37


Left: 2016 Pirelli Calendar may signal a cultural shift. Annie Leibovitz, photographer and for the 2016 calendar.
Right: Mark Zuckerberg is giving away his money, but with a Silicon Valley twist. Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

Week 36


Left: Cats takeover #BrusselsLockdown on Twitter. Belgian citizens respond to police calls to not tweet about raids with pictures of cats. Nightlight in the form of a cat, Anonymous, c.1760
Right: Sketch not Selfie. Visitors to the Rijksmuseum put away their cameras and pick up their pencils to take part in the museum’s #startdrawing campaign

Week 35


Left: ‘Tears of Joy’ emoji is this year’s Oxford Dictionaries word of the year
Right: A to Z of British storm names – what’s next? Public vote for storm names. Stormwind etching by Abraham Genoels